Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Outpace Your Competitors and Win The Targeted Audience With Our Powerful Search Engine Marketing Strategies And Solutions Today!

Search engine marketing is one of the most effective and efficient ways to outpace your competitors and boost your website in digital advertising. Innovign gets you an all-in-one SEM service with targeted solutions and best practices from site analysis to launching, monitoring, and evaluating campaigns.

When you invest in SEM service, you are looking forward to leading, earning, gaining customers, and creating brand awareness, and that's where we come in. As a digital marketing agency in Saudi Arabia, we help your brand grow and thrive in no time!

Website analysis and keyword research

Deeply analyzing your website and searching for the right keywords that your site will rank for, while eliminating unnecessary keywords is among our very first steps.

Add creation and landing page development

After keyword research and analysis, we create optimized ads with unique landing pages to grab the attention of the customer and keep them hooked for longer.

Tracking system

Our SEM team then sets up a tracking system, and with the tracking report, we are able to analyze that the search engine in use supports the conversion tracking, and if it does, we ensure that the codes are properly installed on the landing pages.

Campaign launch and monitor

When everything is on its mark, now your site is ready for Pay per click (PPC) search engine marketing campaign. Our team then manages your campaign setting and determines how your ads will run. After running ads, we monitor their performance.


We evaluate the campaign results against paid search engine marketing goals to measure the success of our strategy. We also assess the key performance indicators for higher conversions for the next paid search engine marketing campaign (KPI's).

SEM is an ongoing process and can be difficult without the right expertise. Innovignbeing a leading digital marketing agency, offers an affordable solution for you that encompasses everything, ensuring you generate good revenue from your business.