Approaching the right influencer, gaining trust, and spreading your brand awareness among your audience is much easier with influencer marketing

People spend a lot of time on social media, and approximately 90% of the people trust influencer recommendations over brands.

We are committed to building relationshipsweith online celebrities and influencers that help your brands attract loyal customers and generate more leads. Because of the need for a platform, influencer marketing is also coordinated with social media and content marketing. As ordinary people spend nearly 30% of their Internet time on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, make it easy to spread your brand awareness through influencer strategy.

Due to this, almost 75% of people use social media to make purchasing decisions. Influencer marketing makes use of social platforms as well as websites and blogs to shape the opinions and buying decisions of your target audience.

Researching and planning

By understanding company goals, your competitors, our team can further research your targeted audience.Our professional experts utilize your current crowd information to find your optimal customer number on online media platforms and influencers.
Beyond platforms and influencers, when it comes to products or services in your industry, our team will also ask about your target group's wishes and pain points. Based on this data, we can develop an influencer strategy that is attractive to your target group.

Identifying your market's influencers

With a customized data-driven strategy, our devoted experts will create a list of influencers in your market. Although your target audience may follow dozens of influencers, the list curated by our experts will focus on influencers that match your strategy and help your business gain more customers.

Choosing the right Influencer

After conducting an in-depth evaluation of influencers, your public relations specialist will create an influencer mapping report. Although the public relations specialists may provide advice on influencer selection, the final decision is yours. Get the experience you want with our in-depth data-driven research.